I just got my new samsung corby from smart. USB Cable for this phone is not included in the package. So i have to purchase it separately. The cable is expensive it costs around $15.50 or Php 690.00

I was excited what I can do with this phone, so I attached it with my Compaq laptop w/ W7 OS. Here comes the hardware installation failure (samsung usb mobile driver 1.0) w/c is not working properly.

Another package w/c I was expecting was the CD of this mobile phone that usually comes w/ the PC Studio… Guess what…. It was not in the package too!!! 🙁 So i have to google it for download.. I was able to download PC Suite 3.2 and started it. The phone still was not found because the USB driver is not working. I keep on searching and revisiting samsung site for any information that I can get. Until I found the “Samsung New PC Studio”. I uninstalled the previous version and install this new one… booommm!!! it solved my problem… USB Mobile driver was installed together w/ this new PC Suite.

This Samsung New PC Studio has better user interface compared w/ the PC Suite 3.2. I will try to browse what I can do with this connection…

Download Samsung New PC Studio from Samsung Website