A hard day’s night.

It was a hard night on Oct 23, 2009. We stayed late with my friends preparing for a bigger project on a web based database system. After a few hours of brain storming, the table was almost flooded with coffee and cookies 🙂 thank you nescafe, we were able to stand still.

Of course, out of topic discussions but recorded, just kidding, were the main ice breaker especially when Ken opened up his online experience thing. I can’t believe that he dated plenty of his online contacts, wew…. I thought online friends are just for an online activity but they were not 🙂 you know what I mean. Not just one but more than five. They were able to escape the virtual lounge and they made it!! I was surprised and think for a while that how I was left behind on this online episode.

I have a friend too that always denies that meeting in person is impossible for the online activity. I do believe but not in the case of Ken.

Back to our project, I was so excited with this one. This is the first time I will be involved in implementing Zend Framework and PostgreSQL in a Linux Server. I know this will be something to be work on everyday but I am excited in doing this. Hopefully if the proposal will be accepted with our customer, we’ll start coding early next week. So it’s gonna be a busy 6 months to go!!.. But I know after a heavy rain the sun will shine as bright as crystals.. 🙂 hmm a good vacation may be or a good scuba dive at panglao bohol 🙂 or just stay at home and redesign my kitchen, let’s see.

Come on let the ball rollin’ sign the contract ! 🙂 🙂 🙂