The group started at Consolacion, Cebu @6:30AM

The group started at Consolacion, Cebu @6:30AM

We are all set.

We are all ready to go… GAS GAS GAS

Ready Set Go

start rollin’ @7:20AM

Almost 7AM. we started to roll

We took the boat from Hagnaya, Cebu to Bantayan Island. Php 485.00/bike (including the driver)


While at Bantayan, we stayed at Tickety Boo Resort. So nice and affordable rate. It is owned by a foreigner who got married with a filipina beauty.


Picture taking at sugar beach in bantayan


TAGAY Time πŸ™‚

Tagay Time :)

The fun and laughter that we had on the night of Apr 18, 2009 was not documented. Thank you for the battery w/c needs to be charged hehehe. While they are still fresh in our memory, we opt to leaveΒ  it at tickety boo πŸ™‚ Mario de Ruzi ang singer ng bayan whiel the rest are the graceful dancers of mcwd fun riding group πŸ™‚ see yah everybody πŸ˜€