If you have 2 or more laptops at home and you have an internet connection w/ your mobile USB, you can easily share it through your WiFi connection. Here are the steps in sharing your USB internet connection (Windows 7). More or less the steps are just the same if you are using Vista. There might be a slight different w/ the options and buttons in XP but the idea is just the same.

1. Open Control Panel

Control Panel

2. click on “Manage wireless networks” menu

3. At the manage networks window, click the “Add” button

4. at the “Add network” window click “Creat an ad hoc network” option

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5. At the setup ad hoc window, click next button

6. Create network by naming and setting its security and save it.

7. you have now successfully created your ad hoc network. close the next window

8. You’ve done creating the ad hoc network, now let’s share your internet connection. Back to the control panel and click again the “Network and sharing center”. At the Network and sharing center window choose “Adapter Settings”

if you are using Vista choose “Manage Nework Connections”

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9. connect your wifi card from its newly setup ad hoc connection first…

At the network list window, right click on your USB internet connection and choose “properties” option.

10. go to “sharing” tab and check mark “allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”, name your connection and choose your wifi network card at the “Home networking connection” option.

click “OK” button to close and restart your internet connection.

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1. Open control panel and choose “Open network and sharing center”. At the window choose “Change adapter settings”

If you are using Vista, choose “Manage network connections”

2. At the adapter settings, right click your wifi adapter and choose “properties’

3. At the properties window, choose networking tab and click “Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IP4)” . Make sure the checkbox is checked. while selecting the TCP/IP4 click “Properties” button.

4. Choose Obtain and IP address automatically and Obtain DNS automatically. click OK button and reconnect to the wifi connection that we have setup from your first laptop.

Happy surfing